June 20th, 2010; Preparing for “Play Me I’m Yours”

It’s Sunday night at 8:45pm and I’ve spent the entire day preparing for “Play Me I’m Your,” which opens tomorrow morning at 9:00am. The exhibit features painted pianos placed at various locations on the Streets of New York City. Originally started by artist, Luke Jerram, this installation fuses visual art and music and puts it front and center on the boisterous streets of New York City.

Last week I was inspired to play all 29 pianos that will be on the island of Manhattan. My journey begins tomorrow morning at 9am in Times Square and continues until July 5th at 6:00pm! That’s 29 performances in only 10 days! Along the way, in the tradition of NYC street musicians, I will have a hat out as I play and all money placed into that hat will be donated to “Sing For Hope.” http://singforhope.org. I’m nervous, but excited to partake in such an amazing cause! Sing for hope introduces students to the performing arts, brings live performances and workshops to hospital patients, and provides a network of support for performances and projects that benefit vital humanitarian causes and dismantle barriers to arts accessibility. Follow me here as I talk about each performance and post photos and videos (taken on my new Kodak Zi8) of each one! Tell your friends, tweet and see the full performance schedule under “shows” and of course on my myspace and facebook! http://www.myspace.com/jenniferleesnowden

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