June 27th, 2010; “Work it Honey!”

I played 5 pianos today! It was a marathon in this nearly 90 degree and humid weather! From Chelsea market to Chelsea Square, Gansevoort Plaza, Stone Street and finally South Street Sea Port! Today was the annual NYC gay pride parade and if you’ve never experienced it..let me be the first to tell you…IT’S COMPLETE INSANITY! Rainbow briefs, feather headdresses and abs abs abs at every turn! I was exhausted, dehydrated and worst of all…I was feeling disgusting, sweaty and ugly in a tight dress that today was clinging to all the wrong places! ‘”Uhh, I can’t believe I have to be caught on film today,” I thought to myself. Then on my way to my fourth piano I caught a glimpse of a man in drag strutting his stuff down the street! This man was not just walking…this was a full on, and magnificent I might add, strut. His hips were moving so much from side to side that I started to hear drums in my head going bum bum ba dum ba dum with each step in his four inch heals! (Wow, “Note to self,” I thought) He smiled and waved and said, “love the earrings honey, work it” then kept right on going down the street.

In an infinitely better mood and with a little pep in my step, I continued on my way to my last piano for the day on South Street Sea Port! I had a few moments to myself at this piano…so I just played and sang, soaking up the time I had to just enjoy being in my own company. I stared out at the water and the ships going by and drifted away with my thoughts! I was playing my song “Tearing Me Down” and my mind wandered back to the drag queen that I’d seen on my way and his immense and beautiful confidence! A man that many people in this unfortunately closed minded world would look at and ridicule…strutted his stuff down the street with his head held high as if to say, “I’m here, I’m queer, and I’m fabulous! Love it or leave it people, but one things for sure…I love myself and I’m proud of the person that I am!” No one was going to tear him down…and that is just what my song is about…saying to that person who held you down or didn’t accept you for what you are, “I don’t need that in my life! This world is hard enough as it is…and I love myself too much to keep letting you tear me down!” If only we could all have that kind of self love regardless of the situation or whether our hair is perfect that day, or our dress is clinging to all the wrong places, or someone laughs at you because they don’t understand who you are! Take it from the drag queen and just “work it honey.” It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks! Hold your head high, put on your four inch heals, or sparkly star earrings, and say to the world “I’m here, I ain’t got no fear, and whether you love me or hate, I ain’t shedding a tear!”

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