June 28th, 2010; What is your inspiration?

I’m now halfway through my journey for Play Me I’m Yours and went down to my 19th piano at Seward Park. It had been raining on an off for about an hour, so unfortunately when I arrived at the piano it was locked and covered with a tarp. But I did an interview there anyway and was asked, “now that you have one week down, and one more week to go playing these pianos, how does it feel to be halfway though your journey?”

Well, let me be blatantly honest with you…I’m unbelievably exhausted! I’ve been up just about every night until wee morning hours compiling video, editing video, uploading videos, writing, plotting pianos and asking friends to help me film (all in addition to the actual playing). But the amazing thing is…I’m also more energized than I have been in a VERY VERY long time! And that can only mean one thing! Inspiration! That fire that burns so deeply that even on the days when it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning…it keeps on burning, and re-igniting and re-invigorating your spirit! I received a very kind email from a friend today letting me know how much my blog and music means to him…that what I wrote about the imperfect piano and hearing me sing almost brought him to tears after a long, hard day at the office. He said, “I’m inspired.”

And that is truly the beautiful thing about inspiration. It is infectious; a wild fire that ignites everything it touches! I have been IMMENSELY inspired by all of the musicians I have met at these pianos over the last week and feel so blessed to have caught some of their flame so that I could pass it along to those I’ve come in contact with! And so halfway through my journey, more in love with music and filled with passion than ever before in my life I share a video shot in two locations. One an interview at Seaward Park piano and the other of me singing one of my favorite songs on Stone Street “I’m on Fire” by Bruce Springsteen. And I throw the question out to you readers…here in a forum where you can reply and post your thoughts…what is inspiring you right now in your life?

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