June 30th, 2010; Wednesday in the Park with Sophia

I played for quite awhile this evening in Tompkins Square Park and met quite possibly one of the cutest little girls alive. Her name was Sophia and she desperately wanted to film tonight’s video. So of course I couldn’t say no…and she actually did a great job! I’m pretty impressed! You may get a bit nauseous in the beginning…but it steadies after a few seconds 🙂

I don’t know that I learned anything profound tonight. But I enjoyed tonight’s piano so much! I played a few songs, and then a few others came and played and then I played again, and then a few other people. It was such a give and take, a show and tell of original songs and stories. Tompkins Square Park is right on the heart of New York City’s east village so is full of musicians and artists and creative types of all sorts. The caliber of music being played was absolutely incredible. Even the people you didn’t expect to really put on a show suddenly found their inner rock star and belted out tunes with the best of us. I wonder if this is what it was like back in the days before television, internet and cell phones. People just hanging out and performing for one another. I remember numerous times when I was a kid in school learning about different periods in history and thinking to myself…wow that must have been so boring. But OH cont-rare, we had an absolute blast tonight exchanging ideas and songs, and just listening to someone else perform. No one cared if the performance was perfect…it was a supportive forum. A “Let me hear what you’re working on right now” and a, “Wow, I really love the melody in that chorus.” I know I am no poet in the way I’m saying all of this tonight, but seriously, how cool are these pianos just out in the open for people to play? They are inspiring kids to learn music, reminding artists why we decided to walk down this difficult path, and prompting adults who have two kids and a successful business career to find their inner rock star. And it is so stinkin cool to watch it happen every night, in a different neighborhood and to an entirely different group of people. New York is coming alive! Maybe when I am done with this project and all of these pianos disappear I will have a performance party at my apartment and invite a bunch of people who are willing to perform for the group, whether it’s a monologue, a song, a piece of writing or a work of art! Because I am learning every day how much we all just want to be able to express ourselves and have a few people that are willing to listen.

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