July 2nd, 2010; Harlem and Central Park!

A piano by the pond at the North end of Central Park in Harlem. I took some photos there with a fantastic photographer named Josh Griffler and then asked some little girls if it would be ok for me to sit and play for a moment! They were more than happy to oblige and one insisted that she be the videographer. The other asked if she could sit next to me while I played and the third girl critiqued her friends filming skills! (I apologize for another video that will probably make you nauseous…but once again, they were so eager to help that I could not say no to having them film). An older gentleman leaned against the piano and listened intently! People gathered around and when I was done playing the little girl sitting next to me said, “please play another song!” So I did! I went back to taking photos and then an old man came up to me and said softly, “when you’re done with that we would like to have you back at the piano!”. It was amazing how many people just wanted to listen to someone play and sing…and I was very honored that they wanted so much for me to continue! And its not everyday that one gets to sit and play a piano next to a lake in the middle of central park…so I was quite happy to continue playing!

As I near the end of my journey I am trying to soak in each moment at these pianos and the spirit of solidarity that they have been bringing to the city! I hope that when they are gone we will still find ways to come together over music!

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