July 4th, 2010; The Grand Finale

It is my final day of Play Me, I’m Yours and I have two new friends by my side to see me play my last piano! I met them when I played at Astor Place and they wanted to be a part of my last day! And that is what I think has been so special about this journey! The people! People that otherwise probably wouldn’t have crossed my path, and if they had, may have walked right on by! But these pianos gave us an opportunity to come together and share in an experience!

My last piano of the journey was at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and unfortunately whoever was supposed to have unlocked the piano probably celebrated a little too hard the night before and didn’t get up to open it! So I sang a song a cappella (an old hymn that I arranged into a spiritual after singing in a gospel choir in high school) in honor of my last piano and went to Central Park to play there instead! I must have played for 25 minutes and a huge crowd gathered to listen! Each time when I was about to get up, someone would ask me to play one more. So I stayed and performed all of my favorites and soaked up the last moments of being able to play a piano outside in the middle of the city. As always I met some lovely people, gave away a few CD’s and finally went home with a smile on my face!

As the fireworks glimmered over the Hudson in celebration of the 4th I reflected on all the pianos I had played in Manhattan’s many neighborhoods and I was so glad that I set out on this journey! In the beginning it was daunting, and I was nervous. I thought to myself, “maybe this is a stupid idea that no one will care about or be interested in. But like all great moments, projects, or journeys, in the beginning the magnitude can never be seen or predicted. Only by taking a leap of faith and embarking on a path that speaks to your heart can you ever really know what can become of an idea! When I set out on my journey to play these pianos I had an in-cling that it would excite me to get involved in a community project…but I had no idea how deeply and beautifully it would affect me as a person and as a musician. Each piano that I played and each person that I met had a unique and important message to share! I am deeply grateful for their inspiration.

….Stay tuned for a summary of my 10 days a video montage of all the highlights!

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